Patreon Online Meditation Community

I know creating a meditation practice is a challenge. And what we come up against in meditation can also be challenging.

The Buddha taught to take refuge in 3 things, the Buddha (awakened being), the Dharma (ancient wisdom) and the Sangha (spiritual community).

Take refuge in our community where we focus on tending to our minds and hearts and integrating ancient teachings into our real lives.

This community has

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This community is

for you if...

​Weekly audio guided meditations

​Weekly real life mindfulness reflections

​Weekly Buddhist philosophy musings and readings

​Monthly live meditation practices

​Quarterly 5 day meditation challenges


You would like consistent mentorship and community for your meditation practice

​You want your meditation practice to be rooted in real life, day to day experiences 

​You need an equally practical and spiritual approach to meditation

​You believe in practice that’s rooted in compassion for all beings and is not just a self improvement project

​You take your practice seriously but you don't take yourself seriously